Chocolate Beverages

Marchoc Bitter (40% Cocoa), 1kg

16.50€ Ex Tax: 14.60€

Marchoc BitterThe absolute choice of choco-lovers, with rich taste and texture in a premium chocolat..

Marchoc Classic (25% Cocoa), 1kg

13.11€ Ex Tax: 11.60€

Marchoc ClassicMildly known flavor of chocolate with notes of milk and vanilla in a drink for all ta..

Marchoc Gold (35% Cocoa), 1kg

15.37€ Ex Tax: 13.60€

Marchoc GoldIntense clean taste of chocolate either in hot or cold drink. Particularly aromatic due ..

Marchoc Thick (30% Cocoa), 1kg

14.24€ Ex Tax: 12.60€

Marchoc ThickRich thick dark brown-red chocolate texture. With a balanced sweetness, 30% cocoa and a..

Marchoc Chocolate Zero, 1kg with stevia

17.63€ Ex Tax: 15.60€

Marchoc ZeroFull chocolate flavor and rich texture, with no added sugar. With high quality cocoa and..

Marchoc Milk Chocolate, 2kg

16.50€ Ex Tax: 14.60€

Marchoc MilkSweet taste of milk chocolate with vanilla notes. It contains 26% low fat cocoa for a li..

Marchoc Single Origin Ecuador (60% Cocoa), 400Gr

11.98€ Ex Tax: 10.60€

Marchoc Single-Origin Dark and strong in taste beverage with a wide range of fragrance bouquet with..

Marchoc White Chocolate 500gr

9.61€ Ex Tax: 8.50€

White ChocolateWhite Chocolate with unique flavor from vanilla and cocoa butter...

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